“An unhurried tale that makes its enthralling characters the biggest mystery of all."

Kirkus Reviews


Hints of a dark secret from the past threaten to upend the Vermont gubernatorial election in Vermont, putting Jonas on the spot in the latest Jonas Hawke novel.

A new heart stent that may save lives—or end them—creates an ethical minefield that threatens the future of an entire town in this first of the Jonas Hawke novels.

When a teen cries #metoo with nothing but her word to back it up, Jonas is left to sort out a mystery that threatens the career of a man who may be innocent.

"Mark Willen has the ability to create characters the reader cares about and to surround them with interesting and complex story lines….Their personal and public lives are fraught with moral and ethical issues. These challenges without easy answers leave the reader pondering the choices made well after the final page." 

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